Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Here's two ruff designs for two of the Singers.


Eric Hutchison said...

Hey, Mike.

OK...I'm finally in. Sorry it took so long for me to catch up.
First thoughts: It's lookin' great. Not totally diggin the large backup singer, though. He's looking a bit too "mafia" and he needs to feel more approachable...Like a big Luther Vandross teddy bear. Might want to try opening up his face a bit more. Not so scrunched and "hidden" towards the top. I'll check back soon!

Blogelow said...

i was thinkin a frog, when i did it

Eric Hutchison said...

Think back to the old Preston Blair drawings. When he needed to caricature a "bully" or bruiser he did the head in two parts: Little ball for the top half and big ball for the lower half/chin. The more the eyes are hidden, the less "trusting" we are of him. That's why McQueen will always beat out the Chevron cars.